Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Make Homemade Samoas Cookies

I'm not sure we should be sharing this post. Afterall, we're a house of girl scouts (well, not Jason or Miranda. or the dog.). We still have more than 20 cases of Girl Scout cookies stacked in our living rooming, awaiting the next cookie booth (it's Sat. April 9th at Hoover's SuperWalmart, if you're local).

But when I saw BakersRoyale blog about How to Make Homemade Samoas, I couldn't resist.

I mean seriously... who could resist this?

Nom, nom, nom.... get it my belly. Now!

Check out the recipe ...

Also, these:


  1. If you have any Samoas left I will buy some more boxes..

  2. Sure thing, anonymous! Email me at

  3. My fav cookies! I was looking for a recipe to make these
    (the 3 boxes we bought didn't last long). Thats when I saw "Jason and Miranda"... My eyes got huge!!!! My name is name is Miranda... and my brother's name is Jason! Being that my name is not very common, I find it even more wild that there is another "Jason and Miranda"! Even spelled the same(: My mom is going to get a kick out of this!

  4. That's so funny! When we chose Miranda's name 17 years ago were really had never heard it (well, except for Carmen Miranda!)

    Thanks for stopping by, Miranda!