Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day Food Fun

Disney's Family Fun has some great ideas to "tickle your kid's funny bone - and, in some cases, sweet tooth!"

Here's a tiny breakfast that's actually a dessert

And how about this Fauxberry Pie (hint: it's actually a Shepherd's Pie, full of veggies and meat)

You may recall that we wrote about starting a worm farm ... well, check out this Compost Cake. How cool!

It reminds me of Olivia's 5th birthday party. It was an Archaeology. We wrapped up like mummies, painted hieroglyphics on pots, and ate a dirt cake like this one.

And just like LecaUnplugged's experience, half of the kids at the party refused to eat it. Gross!, they cried. And by they, I mean the boys. The girls ate it up! Go figure?!?

What's the best April Fool's joke you've played (or been a victim of!)?


  1. These are NICE April Fool's jokes! Much better than the old switch-the-sugar-and-the-salt!

  2. I remember once switching the sugar and salt on my brother in a restaurant. He put salt in his lemonade. Boy... was I in trouble!

    Hope you had a great 4/1!