Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're Baaackkk (sorta)

Sorry we've been kinda MIA lately. After the Hacker incident and the soul searching about whether I should have posted her comments verbatim (is a direct message on Facebook really private? Am I a journalist? A blogger? A journalist who blogs? Are the rules different for each?!?), I was pretty spent.

Add in this:

which resulted in this:

No, that's not me... but it's totally how I've felt the last few days! But I couldn't just pull the covers over my head and hide because it's a really big week at work and I have to give a workshop in Florida this weekend.

All this to say, we haven't been doing much cooking or blogging or anything else this week! But, we hope to be back in commission soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy this mid-week culinary flight of photo fancy.

Over at Global Table Adventure, Sasha and her crew just "visited" the country of Gabon.

Miss Ava gives the french omelet a thumbs up.

Bunny Victorious is dreaming about an Ice Cream Parlor reception for her wedding...

And I'm starting to think about our kitchen renovation... Love the light and bright of this one...

I'll get right on that reno as soon as we've all recovered from the great Pollen Storm of 2011 (and saved a bit more $$!).

Photo Credits: Pollen and Sick Dude.


  1. I have missed seeing you, Tanya! Glad you are back. I enjoy your humor and culinary talents so much. Good luck this weekend. I already know you will wow them!

  2. Thanks! This weekend will be a whirlwind tour -- fly in, do practice run-through of material, sleep, give 8 hour workshop, eat Indian food, sleep, fly back.

    The Indian food makes it worth it!