Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still in a Holding Pattern....

Well, turns out we were wrong. Those stuffed up heads, sore throats and runny noses weren't allergies afterall.

I got home from work Thursday completely wasted after another day of fund-raising. I passed out on the couch, woke up two hours later, felt terrible, took my temp. 103 freakin' degrees! Houston, we have a problem!

So Miranda (who was also feverish) and I loaded into the car and started looking for a Doc-in-the-Box that was open past 6 p.m. We finally found one and burst through their doors at 7:55 (five minutes before closing). They were very sweet, worked us in, and eventually diagnosed a severe sinus infection (me) and strep throat (M). Ugh!

A steroid shot and heavy duty antibiotics seemed to do the trick. Of course, getting on an airplane to Tampa on Friday delayed my recovery a bit. But all's well and we're both on the mend.

All this to say, we still don't have any new recipes to share. Can't wait to get back in the kitchen, now that I don't get all dizzy every time I stand up for more than 30 minutes!

I had some really good South Indian food last night in Tampa:


That's not me... but this girl Sarah looks like she's enjoying it so much I couldn't resist this picture!

I've never made Dosa at home, but I found this video and think I might give it a try some time.

We followed up the Dosas with paneer palak (which I already won't go over well with Olivia, my least picky eater), aloo gobi (yum, yum!), and a couple other dishes we shared family style.

Good eats! It's got me craving more, but before we go Indian we've got to finally get to Olivia's night of Ethiopian food, which we've now put off nearly two weeks because of crazy schedules and illness. She'll be borrowing very heavily from Global Table Adventure (Sasha - you're such a great culinary guide!) and making Ethiopian Lamb Beef and Onion Stew (just can't bring ourselves to eat lamb... sorry!) and Berbere Stew (Ethiopian Lentil Stew -- it's vegan and gluten-free) served over injera (kind of a spongey pancake).

Woody over at FinerGrind Coffee Roasters set us up with some newly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that he describes as "Chocolaty lemony-lavender peachy-rose out of the Chemex.

Olivia's particularly excited about this, now that she's discovered she likes coffee. Ethiopian's love their coffee and put a lot of care into its making. Check out the play-by-play of Sasha's Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. I don't think we'll go that all-out, but props to you Sasha! (and to Mr. Picky for being such a good sport!)

Okay, all this talk of yummy food and coffee has my stomach rumbling. It's 7:30 a.m. and I'm still waiting for my flight out of Tampa. Starbucks, you're no Ethiopia ... but banana walnut bread and a caffe mocha will have to do.

Teanastellen! (I'll just have to trust that this means what they say it means!)

Photo Credit: Dosa


  1. Thanks for the shout outs. I'll be interested to see your adaptations - that was a nice meal. FYI I am at 100.4 right now, down from who knows what earlier today. It's hard being a sick mommy. Hope you had a safe flight home.

  2. Thanks Sasha! We're still limping along (darned cold/allergies/whatever won't leave! And I can't take decongestant or my BP shoots through the roof).

    How're you feeling?!?