Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's for Dinner?

So, we're planning the meals for this week and the only thing we know for sure that we're having is Baked Calamari and Potatoes. It's Olivia's Croatian recipe for her World of Food Series.

(Seriously, I think she's trying to torture Hannah and Miranda!)

Hannah still has to decide what she's making for her A to Z of Fruits and Veggies series. She's on the letter D so here are her options:


Dabberlocks (winged kelp)
Dandelion Nettles

The only one from the list we've even heard of is dandelion nettles -- and that sounds more like a garden weeding project than something to cook. But, hey, that's the point of this, right? To try new things?

Anybody ever cooked with any of these??? We'd love some recipe suggestions!


As a side note. While searching for calamari images I found this one

called "Redneck Calamari Dinner". LOL!


  1. You do NOT (can't stress this enough) want to use a Durian. They are extremely foul in smell, the fruit inside is actually very creamy (much like a custard texture) but the smell...ugh.

    Daikon is a type of radish. I found this

    Good luck!

  2. I forgot to add..for the D fruits may I suggest Dates or Dragon fruit (it's awesome) Dates might be a little easier to find recipes for.

  3. Hi! Found you via the Cooking Light Facebook page. May I suggest Dates as well?! Daikon can be used raw. Just peel it and slice, toss in salads, perhaps mix it in with bok choy, and make a tahini dressing/cole slaw (without the mayo). Here are links to recipes I"ve created that you might find helpful. The Date/Nut truffles (you don't need to use yumnuts, any nut will do :-). I love what you're doing by the way! A-Z. I'm a dietitian, huge fan of this.
    Date Truffles: RAW and don't even need to cook em!
    Sweet Tart Crispy Slaw:

  4. Thanks Kris. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing something on Bizarre Foods about that really smelly fruit. Must have been durian. Have you eaten it?!?

    And thanks for the Daikon RAdish recipe. That looks promising!

  5. Agirlandhercarrot (I LOVE that name!) - Dates are a great idea! I'm going to propose them to Hannah.

    We started having the girls each cook one night a week about two years ago -- mostly because Hannah was a very picky eater. If it wasn't chicken fingers or fries or fruit ... she didn't want it. And it's mostly worked out. She's discovered several more foods that she likes, is now much more willing to try new foods, and is starting to realize that just because I don't like a food in one specific recipe doesn't mean I won't like it prepared another way.

    Our middle daughter, Olivia, came out of the womb willing to eat whatever we put in front of her. She was the "strange kid" who asked the easter bunny for a veggie tray instead of candy and read the junior version of the Omnivore's Dilemma in a weekend.

    Our oldest daughter is the resident baker ... though we don't see her much these days now that she's got a drivers license and a car ;-)

    It's never dull around these parts! Hope you come back for a visit and share more of your yummy recipes!