Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm an Addict -- and it's Paying Off

I've written before about my Diet Coke addiction. It's somewhat legendary. One of the guys I give public radio workshops with knows that I need it so bad that if we're in a Pepsi hotel I will be a grumpy, unfocused mess! So Peter routinely drives straight from the airport to a grocery store to grab me a 12 pack. (Thanks Peter!)

Despite the obvious health risks, I start each morning with a DC and have several throughout the day. I've tried stopping -- honest I have! But the headaches and general lack of focus drives me back to the drink by the second day.

And it's just Diet Coke. I don't like Coke and I hate Pepsi (and Diet Pepsi). I can tolerate Dr. Pepper (though I heard today on Science Friday that it used to contain the same chemical as anti-freeze. Eeeck!)

Nope. Diet Coke is the monkey on my back. And that's why I think Coca Cola Inc. should send me some props. Because clearly I helped them secure the title of #2 in the soda wars. Full-leaded Coke is #1. Poor Pepsi!

I often feel bad about my addiction. I don't like the idea of being addicted to anything. And I'm really not. I don't drink alcohol regularly. I've never smoked. But DC -- oh, how I love (and hate!) you.

Yesterday was love, though. And all because of these babies...

You may have noticed them in the background of many of our food prep shots. They're my bottle caps, which I religiously enter into MyCokeRewards each Monday morning. I usually use my reward points to get free DC coupons (the addiction circle!) or free magazine subscriptions. But earlier this month, I redeemed a bunch of points for this colorful set of mixing bowls (which were delivered yesterday).

Who says addiction doesn't pay?!?


  1. I like those mixing bowls. Now if MY Dr. Pepper addiction would pay off that would be great!

  2. Does Pepsi offer the same, the mixing bowls are great

  3. They are pretty great! We've been using them a lot lately -- used two tonight while making the dinner from Denmark.