Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're BAAAAACK....

You've probably noticed we've been pretty quiet lately. There's a good explanation and we wanted to warn you. But after a lecture from Olivia about internet safety and how we shouldn't tell people we're going out of town, we had to stifle our excitement and not share the big news.

For the first time in 17 years....

Jason and I went on a real vacation...

without the kids...

to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

(Woo Hoo!!)

We packed the munchkins off to Camp Grammy & Dampa (don't ask!) and hit the road. Can you guess where we went? Here are some clues:

Lots of Churches

Beautiful Houses

And Gardens

(That last one? A 1500 year old tree!)

A couple more hints:

It's called the Holy City because of the many church steeples dotting the skyline and because it was one of the few cities in the original 13 colonies to provide religious tolerance.

It was once the richest cities in the United States (actually, pre-U.S), due in part to its booming rice and indigo industries.

The city was besieged during the Civil War and then flattened by a massive earthquake that left more than half of the city's residents homeless.

It's now home to a world-renowned Art, Dance and Music festival. We were lucky to catch an incredible production of The Cripple of Inishmaan at the nation's oldest theatre (first performance in 1736).

Oh... and I should mention... it's also home to some incredible eating! (more on that coming soon)


(one more picture to share... just because)


  1. Beautiful place! And possibly the Spanish Moss capital of the universe...

  2. True!!

    Miranda's angling to try out for American Idol and their closest auditions are in Charleston in July... so maybe we'll make a repeat visit real soon.