Monday, June 20, 2011

For the Love of Cookie Bars

Hannah discovered the Payday Candy Bar this week. And by discovered, I mean asked for a taste of mine, then proceeded to scarf it down. Now she's the ambassador of non-chocolate candy bars, lecturing her friends on the merits of peanut-caramel gooeyness.

I can't wait to show her this...

Framed Cook's Payday Cookie Bar looks like a must try.

Of course, we do have some No Chocolate=No Good-ers in our house, so maybe we need to also make some of these...

Bakers Royale's Belt Bust'n Cookie Bars look soooo good!

Ooh, oooh, ooooh.... While we're on a cookie bar kick, how 'bout these?

(Baked Perfection's S'more Cookie Bars)

Or these...

(Magical Coconut Cookie Bars from the Post Punk Kitchen -- yes, they're vegan! * if you use vegan choc chips)

Happy Baking! If you make some extras, send 'em over our way!


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