Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pork Wellington

After a couple of weeks of sitting on the sidelines, Jason's taking charge of dinner planning this week. He's got a slate of yummy sounding (though meat heavy) recipes planned. First up: Pork Wellington.

Here's the video that got the ball rolling:

Of course Alton makes it look soooo easy! (here's the written recipe, if the video moves too fast for ya).

Step 1: Gather the supplies.

Pork Loin -- CHECK

Prosciutto, Apples, Thyme and other stuff -- CHECK

Wine (duh! Jason says it's inexpensive, but pretty darn good!) -- CHECK

Of course you can't dine on just the main dish alone (despite our repeated attempts during the first few years of marriage). So, we had to have a side dish or two. That's where the rice and beans come in. No -- not that Rice & Beans. Rice from a box and beans from Whole Paycheck.

I'll saute them in E-V-O-O (gosh, I feel like Rachael Ray just writing that!) with a touch of garlic. Mmmmm....

So, into the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and Voila: Pork Wellington!

Here it is, plated:

We might need to get less "busy" plates, though these are a sentimental favorite. They're the Liberty Blue China that my Grandma picked up as a grocery store giveaway in the late 1970's. They now sell for $16+ a plate!

Anyway, here are the reviews on the Pork Wellington:

Jason -- (2-cents coming.... he was so tired from cooking he's headed to bed) - Ok so I am about 12 hours late in posting my review and many bucks short (given the cost of the dinner). As a whole I thought the dinner was good - not great, but certainly worth the time and effort (not sure about the cost as yet because we haven't looked at that). The Pork was tasty (albeit not to the level of our mindful criteria (more on that in another blog) - I really liked the prosciutto wrapped around the outside of the tenderloin (sprinkled with thyme, salt, and pepper). I also liked the tenderloin in the puff pastry - the combination of the meat with the crunch of the pastry was what I had in mind when I selected this recipe. The apples were kind of a let down ... I expected the them to add to the rich combination of flavors and honestly I didn't think they did much. The rice and beans were okay ... something to compliment the main dish (and they did that fairly well). Overall I'd give the meal 3.5 out of 5.

Tanya -- Pork Wellington was yummy, though a bit pinker in the middle than I'd like (trichinosis anyone?!?). Green beans were nice and crisp, just the way I like them and the kids hate them. Oh well, can't please everyone! And the rice was yummy too.

Miranda -- (Dined and dashed. Seems Date Night trumps family food blogging! We didn't get a review yet.)

Olivia -- Thank you for the wonderful dinner! But i do not like the green beans or the fried apples. I liked everything else though. I Love You.

Hannah -- I thought the dinner was good. I loved the rice but I did not really like the dried apples and the pork together. It is because they're totally opposite tastes. It's like ice-cream with sour gummies!!!!!!!!

Forward Promo: Tomorrow we're taking the night off. We'll be here for a fundraiser for these guys.


  1. I made something similar tonight. call it redneck or just using what I got in the fridge but I ... cut a 4.5 lb pork loin in 2. I then halved the one side stuffed it with cornbread stuffing- we don't do apples and fancy stuffin like you, and wrapped it in bacon then rolled out pillsbury cresent rolls and wrapped it around the loin. 350 degrees for 40 minutes and then check til done. It was good. Thanks for the inspiration. I wouldn't have known what to cook tonight. :)

  2. Sounds yummy! And gives me some ideas for the next time we eat pork (which'll probably be a while. Can't believe we've eaten it twice on one week!)

    So... Hannah wants to make a cake next week. And you know me & baking! Any suggestions for something fun but a little more fulfilling than box baking?