Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pork and Pineapple Tacos

When I was growing up, Mom occasionally made a dish called Hawaiian Ham. It looked like this and even though we didn't eat any on last year's trip to Hawaii (cue family photo)....

I'm sure plenty of Hawaiians have enjoyed this dish. Afterall, the 50th state is the largest consumer of spam and produces plenty of pineapples.

Tonight, we decided to try Whole Foods' Pork and Pineapple Tacos. It's billed as "quick and easy" and it delivers on that promise. Prep to finish it's a 30 minute commitment. Here's the speed read through the process:

And, finally ...


Tanya - Very easy to make and good mix of flavors, but the tortillas we used (mix of wheat and corn) fell apart.

Jason - I really liked the combination of flavors. Squeezing a lime over the meal was a must. A simple meal than shakes up the traditional Mexican taco night.

(Note from Tanya: on hearing about this meal, my friend Neil Best quips "Y'all do funny things to Mexican food in the South.")

Miranda -- ate "real" mexican food at El Poblano (thanks to gift card from Nana!)

Olivia (who ate in the car on the way to play practice) -- didn't like the pineapples, but she ate the whole thing.

Hannah -- One thing that I really liked is the pork. But I did something no one else did. I put cheese on my taco and it tasted better. One thing that was bad is the soft taco was cracking so everything was falling out. That was a downer. And the onions with the pineapples. Maybe it's just me, but the pineapples were hot and I wasn't fond of that. But the other things I loved!! (insert three big hand-drawn hearts). (BTW, she ate the whole thing -- SUCCESS!)

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  1. Our Twitter friend @robin_martinez writes:

    They do crazy stuff to Mexican food everywhere. In CA they have Asian/Mexian fusion taco trucks all over. http://californiatacotrucks.com/blog/category/fusion/