Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bacon-Wrapped Artichoke Hearts with a side of other non-bacony stuff

Snacks plates are a regular menu item at our friend Jessica's house. In fact, they're one of the secret weapons in her $250/month food budget.  We are no where near the $250/month mark. In fact, we spend $250 a week on groceries round these part (here's why). But the snack plates seemed like a pretty good idea, so we tried them.  The kids were pretty meh about the whole thing.  

But tonight we may have struck on something that even the pickiest kid will like....

These little babies are Bacon-Wrapped Artichoke Hearts, ready to pop in the oven.  They're so simple!

  • package of bacon
  • container of artichoke hearts (use marinated in a jar or un-marinated in a can, whatever you prefer. Just be sure to retain some of the liquid)
  • toothpicks (or something like 'em. we had wooden skewers handy)
1) cut the bacon in half (TIP: use scissors instead of a knife. It's much easier!)

2) Quarter the artichoke hearts and wrap each with 1/2 piece of bacon.

3) Line 'em up, sprinkle with the leftover artichoke juice ...

4) and bake 'em at 425 degrees for 12 - 14 minutes. 

5) Serve with whatever non-bacony side items strike your fancy. For us, it's carrots, sliced red pepper, clementines, blueberries, crackers, and two cheeses (Cheddar Clothbound Cabot & "stinky cheese", a.k.a. Zamorano)

(and no, that entire plate isn't mine! Jason, Olivia and I split it. Miranda and Hannah are at the theatre most nights this month.)

Jason - I thought it was pretty good. Anything with bacon's good in my book. How about Bacon-Wrapped Bacon tomorrow night?! These would be a really simple appetizer for a party, especially if you have a large crowd.

Tanya - Agreed! Simple and tasty (you can even taste the artichoke - honest) and I actually like the sides too. 

Olivia - (review phoned in from upstairs, where she's frantically reading for school) It was good. I really the bacon-wrapped artichokes. Do we have any more of those?!? (no) You should definitely write that they need to make lots more bacon-wrapped artichokes than they think they'll need.  (done)


  1. i love bacon, and i love artichokes, so why WOULDN'T they be great together!?!?

    i MUST try after my detox plan is over :D

  2. When you do, let us know what you think! (jason's already scheming about everything else he can wrap in bacon. Bacon-wrapped-bacon, anyone?!)