Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Dangers of Food Blogging

Back in the early days of this blog we featured a multi-part series on how *flipping* much our family spends on groceries. We wondered. Are we normal?

We asked for guidance,  and my dear friend Jessica answered with some sobering numbers of her own and some great suggestions (especially for kids), including:

We reserve one day for “snack trays.”  The kids can choose between the 12 cup muffin pan or the 6 cup jumbo muffin pan, and they fill each cup with whatever they want to nibble on. I started doing this when they were toddlers, so I always got all food groups involved. They have kept it up even though they now make their own choices. I let them scour the pantry and refrigerator for whatever they can find. Often it's nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, cut veggies w/ homemade dips, yogurt, cheeses, crackers, etc. They love it!
"Brilliant!" I thought.   So last night I served the kids this

apples & caramel
"stinky" cheese & crackers
Also (not shown): carrots, chips & queso, and brownies (courtesy Hannah. She baked 'em herself, y'all!).

So, yes, not usual fare for our house, but I figured the kids would <heart> it.

Yeah... no dice.  "It's so random."  "Why isn't there anything hot?" "When's Dad coming home so we can have some real food?!?"

Oh well. Guess that's just one of the dangers of Food Blogging! It can't be Blackened Shrimp Alfredo every night!


  1. I am laughing so hard Tanya!!! I'm so glad other moms have the same response from their kids when they think outside the box for dinner. :) It's going to make me giggle all day. I would have eaten your dinner & been happy that you took the time to gather foods you thought I would like.

  2. That looks like my dinner sometimes! Love it! Super quick and gets all the groups in.

  3. Ashley,

    Glad to give you a good laugh! I managed to "redeem" myself with the girls last night with Pot Roast with red onions, carrots, mushrooms, & beef gravy. Dessert was blueberry muffins.


  4. Steph,

    Definitely won't be the last time I subject the poor kiddos to a snack plate dinner! I tried selling it as an antipasto platter, "very european", "very sophisticated" ... to which Hannah replied, "uh, mom, we're Americans. We like hot meat."

    Hmmmm, not sure what to say after that!