Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Couple of Random Thoughts...

make a post, right?!?

So here goes:

Thought #1 What the hell is it with Calamari?!? Necessary Pleasures just passed 20,000 page views (we've been around a little over 6 months, so I think that's pretty good, right?!?) but a whole lot of the traffic is generated by image searches for calamari. Which lands people on this page. I know the Redneck Calamari is pretty damn funny, but really?!? 3,500 pageviews? Someone with a whole lot more blogging/SEO/culinary experience please enlighten me. What the hell is it with Calamari?

Thought #2 My kitchen is a total mess right now.

See. Total. Flippin. Mess. And it's driving me crazy!

Thought #3 People regularly ask me: How do you cook like that every night? You must be really, really organized. Or SuperWoman. Ummm... have you noticed when our last post went up? That's because Jason was out of town (went here, that lucky dog!) so we subsisted on takeout pizza, Breakfast for Dinner (and not even the gourmet version. It was straight Cheerios in a bowl), and hot dogs. Twice. Yeah, not very blog-worthy.

So that's it. Three random thoughts = One Blog Post.


  1. I love your random thoughts... and your blog posts in general. While I eat leftover little kid food (noodles with butter and cheese and chicken nuggets!) for the 30th day in a row, I can eat vicariously through you and your blog. So keep 'em coming! Oh, but you can keep the redneck calamari! LOL!

  2. Thanks Rosa Linda! I remember those days of eating lots of mac 'n cheese, chicken fingers and such ;-) Thankfully we're mostly past them. And the calamari -- what the heck!?