Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party

My mother-in-law does several things really well.

Sewing theatre costumes...

(Olivia as Helen Keller in the Miracle Worker)

Fryin' up chicken wings...

And thinking up the most creative ways to celebrate a kid's birthday.

In February it was Olivia's Big Birthday Bake Off Party.

Last week it was Hannah's turn.

That's right, buckaroos... It's a very Jack Sparrow Birthday.

(WARNING: I'm making liberal use of Post Like a Pirate from here on.)

We started th' day wit' a scavenger hunt. Treasure maps 'n clues in hand, we set out on th' adventure. (okay, Post Like a Pirate kinda sucks... droppin' it)

The clues led us from one location to another, in search of Grammy's Booty (haha!). We had to fight off her dastardly crew...

Until, finally we made it to the final destination. Where she forced us to walk the plank...

After plank-walking and bucket-sinking and bottom-of-the-pool-treasure-clue-finding and code-decifering we finally opened the chest to find the treasures inside...

We ate a little cake...

Drank a little wine and had a grand time with good friends.

Thanks, Grammy, for all you do!

PHOTO CREDITS: Chicken Wings by Izik,


  1. Awwww :) Looks like a great party! SO creative! And I LOVE the cake :)

  2. It was the a lot of fun... and the cake was delish!! Who can go wrong with Johnny Depp and chocolate cake?!?

  3. (oy, need an editor: strike that "the")