Friday, October 28, 2011

What The Heck Can I Eat?!?

I'm a pretty healthy person. Overweight, yes... but otherwise no real complaints.  But there are some minor things that are creeping up as I inch into my mid-40s.  I've had thyroid disease ever since Miranda was a baby and I had to have a tumor removed from my thyroid.  The cholesterol, while still in the normal range, is pushing the upper limit. And my rosacea's flared up in the past few years (honestly, that's the one that really ticks me off! No... I'm not going to pass out, I'm simply bright red because my skin hates me!)

This year doctors started giving me "dietary tips" to deal with these things. Here're the lists of "things to avoid":

Thyroid -- Soy. That means no tofu and no edamame (boo!). It's one of the reasons I gave up being a flexitarian a couple years ago.

Cholesterol -- bacon, bologna (no problem there), hot dogs (oh well... no more Wienerpaloozas for me... sad face), Swiss/American/Cheddar cheese (ugh! that means I'll have to skip Hannah's specialty), cream cheese (hello??? Bagels???), croissants/pastries/donuts (awww, Krispie Kreme), egg noodles, coconut (?), ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, buttered popcorn

Rosacea -- tea, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, cheeses, steak, chocolate, vinegar, soy sauce, citrus, bananas, raisins, figs, avocados, yogurt, sour cream, and pickled/marinated/fermented items.

So, basically, I can eat whole-grain bread. And water.

Yay, me...


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