Monday, October 8, 2012

This Weekend's Harvest

After spend the night sleeping in a cardboard box you wouldn't think I'd want to spent any more time outside, but the front yard garden bounty was calling my name and I couldn't resist.  

We're growing okra for the first time this year, but only one plant since it's not the most popular veggie in our house. I like it, Jason tolerates it, and the girls hate it. Okra just seems to be one of the veggies that elicits strong feelings!

Check out the okra on the right, though. It's a monster! I'm not sure what the okray world record is (can't find it online), but I did find some pretty humongous ones and in the process found a blog I think I might need to follow. Look at their okra...

Wow - talk about long.  Though I'm not sure it's good for eating.  I seem to remember reading something somewhere about larger okra being too tough.

We don't have a harvest nearly this size. Usually just 3-4 okras a week.  We've been using them mostly in breakfast hash or veggie stir fries, but would love some new recipes to try. Do you have a favorite way to prepare it? Please share!


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