Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beer Beat: Duck-Rabbit Porter

(note: this post may say "posted by Tanya", but it's really Jason. Though Tanya agrees, the Porter is something special!)

Alright so I drink plenty of beer - but rarely do I blog about it. The reason is ... many beers are similar. IPA's taste like IPA's. Most Russian Imperial Stouts (RIS) taste very similar and so on. Now that isn't to say that there isn't a difference between Back Forty Frecklebelly and Good People IPA, but in my mind they are not significantly different.

I like to try things from new breweries and share those, but for the most part I drink very "standard" IPA's, 2x IPA's, etc. I say "standard" because I can usually find a Founders Centennial or Green Flash West Coast IPA (or the two IPA's listed above) and will drink those pretty regularly.

It is a rare occasion that I come across a beer that really makes me pause - this past weekend I was fortunate to find a 6 pack I tried a few weeks ago ... and tonight I tried the first one out of this batch. If you get an opportunity try Duck Rabbit Brewery Porter ( please make a point to do so.

Usually I am not a big Porter fan, but this beer is excellent. Beer advocate has 330 reviews with an average score of 85. In my opinion that is far too low. I have yet to met its equal in this style - if you have a suggestion please let me know.

An aside - I have a Stone Smoked Porter in the basement ... according to beer advocate it gets a 91 (and is rated as exceptional). Perhaps I will break it out this weekend and compare the two.

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