Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I love my job (so much so I started a new blog about it). But I do struggle mightily with work/life balance.  Part of it's the nature of my industry. There's just no down time when you're a journalist.  I used to joke that the only "vacation" time I took during my first few years in radio was a week or two to push out a baby. Seriously... when I was in labor with Olivia my news director called the hospital to ask about a script for a story.  I finally got him off the phone with the lame excuse that the doctor had just walked in and I "need to push now!". 

In recent years we've gotten better about taking time to kick back and relax as a family; but we've never taken a Spring Break trip.  Faced with the reality that this might be our last chance (Miranda heads off to college in 2013), we dug out the swimsuits, packed the cars with a bunch of friends and headed to the beach last week. 

It was a much-needed Necessary Pleasure!  

We stayed in a fabulous house in San Destin. It was equal parts Desperate Housewives (white picket fences, brightly colored houses with expansive porches) and Friends. 

Yes... a house full of tween & teen girls!

Our resident photographer, Miranda
Jerry (of fame) and our honorary munchkin

J & I ... can you tell we're enjoying ourselves? 

We played mini-golf...

and Bumper Boats (note to self: white shirt not a great idea for water sports unless you're 19 and it's Daytona Beach)

and generally goofed around all week.

What the heck?!?
We also ate some really good food, including Hannah's legendary Homemade Mac 'n Cheese and Jerry's feast of soft shelled crab and shrimp alfredo (hope to have a recipe for you soon).

I also managed to read a really good book about polygamy and the LDS church.  A whole book. In one week. Without a call from a needy editor or a stressed staff.



  1. Tanya, Looks like a swell time was had by all!
    Thanks for all you do to make BHM a great NPR station. --Linda Stephan

  2. That was a nice story. I could imagine myself on the beach! It's good for the soul to get away!

  3. It was a fabulous week... we can't wait to go back!